Do I Really Need to Clean My Roof?

If your roof is starting to look a little rough and untended, or is perhaps blighted with the odd stain here and there, you may have considered having your rood cleaned. Or perhaps you have questioned the very benefit of doing so. So, do we really need to clean our roofs? Read on for a couple of reasons why you might consider doing so, and having it done professionally.

  1. Restore the Aesthetics of Your Home.

Having a terribly tended roof can really bring down the overall feel of your home. A professional cleaning will restore the original look and feel that your roof had before. This is especially important when you are considering selling your home, potential buyers may be put off by unsightly roof stains. Having a dirty roof detracts for the aesthetics of the whole home.


  1. Preventative Care

The structural integrity of your roof can be compromised by the very same organisms that stained the roof in the first place. Lichens, mosses, and algae can often penetrate the shingles or cladding. This leads to moisture, condensation, and ultimately bugs and creatures as the wood roots. Rotten wood lets off a particularly attractive smell to the kinds of fauna that might be considering living in your roof!


  1. Insulation Issues

A dirty roof can increase electricity bills by an incredible 40% or more! Fungus and debris stains can mean that light is not reflected away very efficiently. A roof cleaning Surrey servicing can mean that your home is properly insulated and protected.

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