Helpful Tips for Email Security

Cyber-attacks are getting more and more popular, and no one is safe from them. Individuals, small businesses, large corporations and even the government are at risk from hackers and data security leaks. It is vital that you protect your business with the highest levels of security. Many businesses will work with trusted IT companies London to ensure that their data is well protected, but there are other ways to secure sensitive information. Read on for some helpful tips for email security.

Passwords – Although this is obvious, most people  overlook the importance of having a strong password. Most of us choose a password that is easy to remember, perhaps with a capital letter or number thrown in there. However this is certainly not enough to have a strong password to protect an email account. It is best to use a selection of letters that do not spell out a word, and then add in punctuation, symbols, numbers and capitals. Remember not to use the same password for everything.

Security Questions – The security questions you choose to protect your password need to be tough. If you can write your own questions, choose something random and difficult to answer. If you have to choose from a list of questions, put a random or wrong  answer, but keep note of this so you don’t forget.

WI-FI – Whenever possible, avoid public WI-FI, as there is the chance that it is a fake network that has been designed to look real. Cyber criminals use these networks to gain valuable information.



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