Make a Statement with a Mosaic in Your Home

Mosaic tiles and patterns are completely unique and add something special to the interior of a house. There are many ways to use mosaics, from art pieces to furniture decorations. Make a statement with these ways to use mosaics in your home:


  • Tile Borders

Horizontally or vertically, mosaic borders are the perfect way to add some excitement to your tiled walls or floors.


  • Feature Walls

Make an amazing statement with a full feature wall made out of mosaic. In the kitchen, bathroom or any room really, a mosaic wall will look like nothing else you have seen before.


  • Piece of Art

Mosaics are easy to make and the more irregular and colourful it is, the more interesting the piece of art will be.


  • Mirror Frame

Add an attractive feature to a plain mirror by creating a mirror frame out of mosaic/


  • Fireplace Frame

Use stone or glass tiles that will be able to stand the heat and place them in a mosaic around the fireplace to create a traditional twist and add some thrill to the room.


  • Headboard

Mosaics can be used in any room in the house, so why not create a unique headboard as an alternative to wallpaper and to bring the wow factor to the bedroom.


  • Shower Area

If you don’t want to do your whole bathroom out of mosaic, why not make the shower area separate and make it a feature with mosaic walls.


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