Planning Your Lads Day Out

A lads day out is a time for mates to get together and have lots of laughs. The occasion can be for a stag do, a birthday, or just for fun, but whatever it is you should make sure it is a memorable adventure. Book something that you all haven’t tried before, and can all experience together. Here are some ideas for planning your lads day out:


With locations all over the UK, this thrilling experience involves two teams battling each other with paintball guns, over various terrains and including forts, mazes, castles, bridges, arenas and more.

Go Karting

No matter your driving skills, everyone can enjoy go karting. Get strapped in to your vehicles and race the lads around the track until there is a clear winner.

F1 Driving Experience

This ultimate driving simulation gives every driver the feeling of driving a real F1 car around the track. Spend a day at the driving experience Surrey and race each other to the end.

White Water Rafting

Jump in a giant inflatable raft and work as a team to get through the obstacles and down the river. This adventurous activity is great fun as you bump and glide through the river and the wild rapids.

Harness Zorbing

Strap yourselves in and roll down a hill in a giant 12 foot inflatable ball at fast, exhilarating speeds. Two people can fit in each ball, so you can watch each other expressions as you plummet down the hill.

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