The Ageing Population of Worthing

As technology and medicine develops, the average global life expectancy is increasing rapidly. In the UK, the average number of people aged over 100 has risen by 65% in the last decade. A vast majority of this elderly population are located in the West Sussex seaside town of Worthing.

With the fresh sea air and a variety of residences available, Worthing is an idyllic location for a pensioner who wants to spend their golden years strolling along by the sea and enjoying the peace and quiet of a small town. There are a variety of reasons why older residents move to Worthing, some from nostalgia from childhood holidays as it was a popular tourist destinations, and others due to the fact that houses are cheap, the views are pretty, the area is quiet and the ground is flat. This is an important factor for many elderly people that struggle to get around, so the flat roads and area across the town make it much easier no matter if it is by foot or mobility scooter.

Due to the ageing population of Worthing, there are many nursing homes, convalescent live-in care options, and home visit teams across the town. Carers jobs in Worthing are very popular and there are many opportunities to help the community. There are also many social events set up for the older generations, as well as classes such as singing, yoga, tai chi, and zumba to encourage people to stay active and healthy.

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